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Shaving for Men

Posted on Feb 05, 2017

It's probably a mistake to take too many of your ideas about what's sexy from porn. For example, if you're judging your lovers by whether or not their bodies meet the standards of porn stars, you've probably set some pretty unrealistic expectations. And just because your girl doesn't shriek like a howler monkey from the moment you touch her naked body that's not a sign she's a cold fish. You wouldn't judge how good your beer is based on whether or not it has the magical powers shown in commercials, right?

The relationship of porn sex to real sex is kind of similar.That being said there's no doubt porn has had an effect on what people in general, and I specifically, find sexy. I'm not sure if porn actually drives it, or if it just gives people a chance to see a lot of options they otherwise wouldn't. For example, consider keeping your pussy shaved. I've only ever seen two women naked in person, and if that was my entire sample size I might not be able to say which I preferred. Having seen plenty of women's pussies both natural and bare, though, I can say I probably prefer the latter. Even more so after having had Freya shave on several occasions. The sensation of sinking your cock into a freshly shaved pussy is just to die for. Right now she's natural, but I'm thinking of a sex game in which she'd be bare again. And yes, it does involve a tattoo.One thing that lots of guys in porn do is shave their own genital area, typically their balls and some area around the base of their dick. I'm not sure how much this has caught on in the mainstream, but here and there I've seen signs that more guys are imitating that. Part of it may be that hairy isn't considered as sexy now as it was in, say, the 1970s.

Today's leading men in movies tend to be pretty smooth and hairless, with not a lot of Burt Reynolds or Sean Connery furriness showing up. So it seems like a natural progression that guys would start trimming or shaving down below.In what is almost certainly more information than a lot of you want I'll confess that I do some shaving myself. I keep my balls and a strip around my cock completely devoid of hair. I started doing that over a year ago, and it wasn't my way of trying to live like a porn stud. I had to shave down there as part of getting a vasectomy. Since I was the one going under the knife Freya offered to do the shaving, so I let her. We weren't exactly sure how much was supposed to be bare, so she guessed high. That's the definition of complete trust right there, letting a woman apply a razor to your balls. I suppose it would be even more trusting if it had been a straight razor, but still. And in fact she did a very good job, and it was more than a little sexy.

After she was finished she used her tongue to make sure everything was good and smooth, and it was while she was licking my balls that I thought this might be a good thing to make permanent. I very much enjoy the way it feels when everything's smooth down there. And I can't help but notice Freya's more willing to take her time licking the areas where there's no hair to get in her mouth. If shaving them is what it takes to get Freya's amazing tongue applied to my balls, then hand me the blade. She actually doesn't care much, either way, she says, at least visually. Doesn't turn her on or off, except when I get a little stubbly.As for how I keep things shaved, I take the really simple approach. I just bring the razor into the shower with me every couple of days, using plain old soap and water to do the shaving. My guess is if you've got the sensitive skin you'd need to be more gentle, but luckily I'm a super tough he-man. I've only cut myself a little one time, although occasionally if I'm not gentle enough I get a slight razor burn.

A little uncomfortable, but not really painful. And when Freya's gently sucking or licking my balls it's entire, completely worth it.I had a moment of doubt the last time I went in for a checkup and my doctor had me drop my pants. But I figured it was hardly the weirdest thing he'd ever seen, right? And it's not like I see the guy anywhere other than there. He didn't bat an eye, and again a moment or two of slight embarrassment is well worth the reward.So if it's something you've been thinking about, guys, I say try it out. This is especially true if you're one who likes having your balls played with. (I've got a friend who freaks if his wife so much as touches them, so the thought of shaving his balls to make it more likely she would is not something he's interested in). Even better if you can get your woman to do the shaving herself, or at least inspect the quality of the work with her tongue.