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The story of an independent London escort

Posted on Dec 16, 2016

What can people like me really do on our days off? As one of the London escorts, my personal day is generally quite frantic. I usually just sleep in for the mornings and run my personal errands within the afternoon. Occasionally, I get some time to cook something nice for myself. I’ll then drive over to the club or perhaps visit a few my clientele. Now, a day to myself in a long time. This is sort of boring.

Maybe I shouldn’t think of it this way. It’s been 5 years since I began this business. I love it. I really like the job. I’m good with my boss. My clients are similarly amazing. There are duds, needless to say. Some men along with their excuses. I’ve had those as clients and well, these people sure have no idea of the first thing about a woman – and someone who works with London escorts at that! They act all tough and mighty yet after a couple of brief minutes, their weenies will start to wither! Finished! They’re done!

Of course, I get fortunate at times with some men of my dreams. When I come across men like these, wow whoa, I’ll go crazy for them. My underwear seems to just fall off instantaneously for them. I’d then ponder precisely why I bothered using them, to begin with. They’d end up being so moist and useless in such a short period of time anyway.

Of all my clients, Jim is my top favourite by far. Jim is really something. He’d call for me to go to his condo. Though he’s into business, he doesn’t show it in any way. You get what I’m saying? He’s cool and not somebody full of himself. He appears particularly attractive in his suit. I always can’t seem to resist stripping it off him. Every time we meet in his condo, he’ll have prepared a wine bottle. I wouldn’t really bother with all that! The one thing I want to do is to get all naked and ride him hard.

However, I play along. I play coy.|Needless to say, I have to be very discreet. I’ll play along.|Needless to say, I’ll always play along with his teases. We drink his wine and he tells me about his day. As he does this, he would look at me… at my eyes, my throat, my breasts. Like he is stripping me naked in his head. I would want to say to him to just get to the real thing. It’s pleasantly excruciating to have to wait – to sit there, feeling the familiar dampness between my thighs. By this time, I am already so excited. My hard nipples would expand hard against my outfit. My thighs would be wet from the soak in my underwear. The littlest contact would send chills down my spine. I am so ready to have him inside me.

He will take his time, that bastard, lol! I’m fairly certain he knows what he’s doing. He’s been around us London escorts frequently enough to know what might set us off. He knows I am craving for him.

Normally, I won’t manage to last too long. When I have had enough, I would grab at his hard-on. (Oh yes, that hard-on is really easy to identify!) I’d personally unzip him and take him in my mouth.I’ll unbuckle I’d strip his trousers off of him and begin to blow him. While I do so, I’ll sip my own fingers underneath my clothing. I love to touch myself as I give him a blowjob.

Mmmmm. It’s getting hot within this room. LOL! I never thought that daydreaming could cause me to become this thrilled.